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Spider Web Slime

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Spider Web Slime
Spider Web Slime
This Halloween Spider Web Slime is super fun to play with and super clicky, bubbly (pops and crackles when you squish it!), and stretchy!!

This Slime comes in generous portions of 2, 6 or 8 oz. Container is air tight and has a screw top lid. As if that wasn't enough you also get plenty of free fun extras!!

This is a limited edition slime. Get yours while supplies last!!!

In addition to your slime and fun extras, every one of our orders comes with Borax and a Slime Care Instruction sheet with fun and helpful tips like this:

FYI: if your hands are warm the slime may stick to your hands. To resolve this issue wash your hands very well with cold water, then enjoy your slime!

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