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About Us


Hi There! Welcome to Slimelily Slimes 😊! We really appreciate you stopping by and taking a moment to get to know us better.

Like so many of you, in late 2016 we discovered slime! We had dabbled in it here and there, but by 2017 our obsession was real!

 I (Dina 😊) loved to play with it for stress relief and my daughter (Lily 😊) just loved everything about it. We’re both super creative so one of the things we love most about slime is that we get to entertain all of our wacky ideas and come up with something new!

Unfortunately though, Lily has very sensitive skin and traditional borax based slime recipes started causing her to break out in rash (😰) which meant no more slime until we could figure things out (😢). We spent a few months tinkering around with different recipes and activators that just didn’t work for us (more tears 😭) until finally, I decided to come up with my own!

After a good deal of trial and error (A LOT OF TRIAL AND ERROR!) I was able to formulate a borax free activator and several base slime recipes that worked every single time (Yaaas! 😆).

From there, Lily had the idea to share what we came up with. I did a little research and noticed there was an opportunity to provide value and affordability and the rest, as they say, isn’t just history, it’s happening right now (😊)!

We launched our Etsy store (Slimelily Slimes on Etsy) in June of 2017 and we have had a blast bringing our borax free Slimes to thousands of families all over the world! We’re still on Etsy, but Shopify offers us a little more flexibility and allows the opportunity to take a more hands on approach to our business and develop a closer relationship with our customers and our community.

Thanks again for visiting! We sure do hope you’ll be back to see us because, we promise, it’s going to be tons of fun!



Dina & Lily



Dina Boone - Owner

Amanda Yancey - Customer Happiness Manager